Ear Piercing

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Medical ear piercing services.

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To ensure sterility and reduce complications, ear piercings are performed in office by trained dermatologists. Ear piercing tools and local anesthesia are used to quickly and painlessly pierce ears with stainless steel studs. These studs are used to decrease irritation that can be caused by blended metals that include nickel, a very common allergen. These earrings should remain in place for 6 weeks to ensure complete healing around the post of the studs prior to their removal. Wound care instructions will be provided at your visit.

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Experience totally painless.


Is ear piercing painful?

Local anesthesia is used to minimize discomfort during the piercing, but mild soreness may persist for several days after this has worn off.

How soon can I change my earrings?

We recommend leaving in the piercing studs for 6 weeks with good wound care to ensure complete healing of the skin around the posts of the earrings to decrease irritation and infection.

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