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Inverness Dermatology and Laser Blog

Inverness Dermatology and Laser Blog

  • Restylane for Dark Circles Under Your Eyes

    You probably know that those dark circles under your eyes are more prominent when you’re exhausted, but this is not the only cause. Genetics and allergies are significant factors as well. So, what causes those dark circles?

    Why They Appear

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  • Resolve to Wear Sunscreen

    Sun Drawn On Woman's Shoulder With Sun Protection CreamFrom the beginning of the year to the end, your skin will be exposed to more sunlight than you may imagine. Even if you don’t spend much time outdoors, or in direct sunlight at all, or you never get sunburned at any time in ...

  • New Year, New Skin: Start the Year with Healthier Skin

    Beautiful wet woman face with water dropThe new year is a new start. It’s a chance to start fresh, which is a primary reason why we make New Year’s Resolutions—to inspire us to do better, be better, and take advantage of what the coming year has to offer. People often make reso...

  • Introducing AccuVein

    AccuVeinBruising, sometimes severe, was often considered an inevitable side effect of many types of cosmetic procedures such as filler and toxins. However, our practice’s adoption of a technology called AccuVein has made these injections easier, less likely to result in bruising, and most importantl...

  • Healthier Skin Makes a Great Gift

    Christmas may have passed until next year, but the gift-giving is not necessarily over. There are a few people who did not get the chance to give gifts during the holidays because they did not see one another, or because they decided to exchange gifts later. Plus, Valentine's Day is coming. There is almost always someone in your life for whom finding a gift is difficult, and possibly stressful. Have you considered healthier skin as a present?

    For the Loved One Interested in ...

  • Toenail Fungus 

    Toenail fungus is a common problem. Below are tips to help prevent toenail fungus:

  • Proper Skin Exfoliation Tips 

    You have probably heard the word exfoliation used in reference to skin care very often. There are multiple skin cleaners that claim to exfoliate your skin. It is true that some exfoliation is helpful in keeping your skin healthy. Improperly performed or too frequently performed exfoliation can be irritating and potentially harmful to the skin. Here are some exfoliation tips to help you use it well as part o...

  • Common Skin Conditions Affected by Cold Weather

    female soft skin handsCold weather is a relief for some people. It can be a nice change from the many hot days of the year. However, it can also have some less-than-pleasant side effects for people with sensitive skin. A change in climate can cause excessive dryness, itching, and fl...

  • Hair Loss (Alopecia) in Women

    Depositphotos_60727201_m-2015When we think of hair loss or pattern baldness—Alopecia—we often think of men. Most advertisements for hair loss treatment and h...

  • Continue Skin Care in the Fall

    Woman face in autumn leafsThe seasons are changing, once again. The temperatures will cool, the air will dry, and your skin will react. In fall, many find their skin becomes dry and they notice damage that they incurred over the summer. So, it is a great time to alter your skincare ...

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