Dr. Jacobson, Dr. Marks, and Mary Beth Helms, PA-C at Inverness Dermatology and Laser provide surgical dermatology services to patients in Hoover, Birmingham and Chelsea, Alabama areas.
Inverness Dermatology and Laser provides up-to-date and effective treatments to improve the appearance of skin and overall skin health. Our providers are committed to providing you with excellent and effective patient care in a relaxed, supportive, and caring atmosphere.
For those patients in Hoover, Birmingham, Chelsea and surrounding Alabama areas with an unwanted scar, Inverness Dermatology offers scar revision.


What is scar revision?

Scar revision is a surgery to improve or reduce the appearance of scars. It can also restore function and correct skin changes/disfigurement caused by injury, wound or previous surgery. We also utilize Laser Therapy to improve the appearance and minimize the symptoms often associated (itch, pain, etc.) with scars.


Am I a good candidate for scar revision?

If you are a patient with an unwanted scar, contact Inverness Dermatology to schedule a consultation. Our doctors will review your medical history and talk to you about your scar revision goals.


Can I afford scar revision?

Inverness Dermatology works with many insurance providers to ensure patients get their dermatology needs covered. Check with your insurance provider before coming to Inverness Dermatology to educate yourself on what your plan covers for scar revision. Inverness Dermatology also offers a variety of financing options.

For more information about scar revision surgery or to schedule a consultation at Inverness Dermatology, call (205) 995-5575.