Are You Suffering from a Skin-Related Problem?

Our skin is susceptible to a wide variety of problems. And unfortunately, most of these problems are visible for all to see. So not only are most skin conditions painful and annoying, but they’re also embarrassing. Whether you’re suffering from acne, skin cancer, or unwanted hair, we can help.


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What Skin Conditions Can We Help Remedy?

Here at Inverness Dermatology and Laser, we specialize in treating a wide variety of skin ailments, including:

  • Acne – Persistent acne can leave permanent scars and dark spots. That being said, it’s crucial that you deal with the problem early on to protect your complexion. Let us customize a plan for you to rid yourself of acne.
  • Skin cancer – Skin cancer is nothing to take lightly. That’s why you need a skin specialist to make sure it’s properly removed to decrease the chances of it returning.
  • Unwanted hair – If you have hair growing where you wish it wouldn’t, we can remove it for you through laser treatments. Whether it’s on your face, back, or bikini line, we can treat the problem area and greatly reduce the unwanted hair.
  • Aging and sunspots – Pigments in our skin can betray us, giving away our age or even making us look older than we actually are. However, these pigments can be erased and your original beautiful skin can be replenished.
  • Vascular imperfections – Whether it’s a birthmark or pesky spider veins, these imperfections keep you from feeling and looking your absolute best. Let us restore your look and confidence.


Why Choose Inverness Dermatology and Laser?

Inverness Dermatology provides up-to-date and effective treatments to improve the appearance of skin. Whatever your concerns with your skin care, the talented doctors at Inverness Dermatology can help you out. Our providers are committed to providing you with excellent and effective patient care in a relaxed, supportive, and caring atmosphere. Our doctors will work with you to develop a regimen that will be the best for your skin.


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