EXILIS PROTEGE is Inverness Dermatology & Lasers’ newest addition!

This refined skin tightening system delivers the same gentle, powerful, skin tightening energy that made EXILIS a household name. Inverness Dermatology & Laser has waited to add EXILIS until the updated technology to enhance the treatment experience and results was made available. It is now here!

EXILIS PROTEGE is designed specifically for treating facial tissues safely and comfortably. It is appropriate for all areas of the neck and face. EXILIS PROTEGE can help reduce superficial wrinkles and improve skin laxity, for a more youthful appearance. It may be used alone, or in conjunction with other facial treatments such as dermal fillers and wrinkle relaxers (toxins).


EXILIS PROTEGE utilizes a specially designed, computer-controlled hand piece, which glides over the skin in the treatment area. You may feel a slight pressure, and a pleasant warming sensation. Meanwhile, the radio frequency energy is passing through the skin surface, heating deep tissue to a carefully regulated temperature. A thermal reaction causes weak collagen to contract, firming the skin. It also stimulates the body’s natural collagen remodeling process, increasing the amount and strength of healthy collagen.


EXILIS PROTEGE is a wonderful solution for the busy individual who simply cannot have downtime. No preparation is needed prior to treatment. The actual procedure is comfortable and does not require any numbing medication or anesthesia. Since anesthesia is unnecessary, you can go on about your life, and perform all of your normal activities, even the day of your treatment!

Many patients experience measurable improvement after just one treatment, but a series of sessions is generally recommended to achieve the best possible results. Between four and six treatments, scheduled five to ten days apart, has been shown to be the optimal treatment regimen. You will see progressive improvement after each appointment, with full results developing between three and six months following your final session.